Bloat In Dogs

Bloat In DogsWhen you are particular about taking good care of your dogs, one of the diseases to pay close attention to its symptoms, causes, effects, and prevention is bloat. Bloat in human beings is quite harmless, but bloat in dogs can be dangerous. It is very uncomfortable and can be deadly at times!

Though there is no certain proof on what the cause of this disease is, it is very important for you to understand the symptoms of bloat in dogs and how to prevent, or in most cases manage its effects on the dog.

This article is critically researched to equip you with the right knowledge and understanding that will guide you in checking out for these symptoms in your dogs and perhaps, taking beneficial actions to help the situation.

What is Bloat?

Before understanding the symptoms and what to look out for before you can really come to the conclusion that your dog is suffering from bloat in dogs, you need to have a good knowledge of what a bloat really means. That is if you don’t know already.

Also known as GDV, no conclusion has been reached on the causes of bloat, it is presumed to be a sort of stomach twists which then fill the stomach with gas. It might actually be the gas filling that occur first before the twists in the stomach.

Either way, it is very dangerous for your dogs. The stomach becomes inflated by the gas which relatively puts pressure on the diaphragm, this leads to serious breathing problems. The pressure can also be a very big problem for the heart because it cuts off blood returning to the heart.

The fact that the causes of bloat still remains a mystery to veterinarians owing to the very substantial knowledge they have been able to gather about it for years is what is really a cause for concern.

Signs of Bloats in Dogs

Owing to the fact that no one know the exact thing that will cause bloat in dogs and that you wouldn’t know which of the dogs is down with bloat already, it has become very important for you to understand what signs and symptoms to look out in your dogs to make sure it is safe.

The most visible signs to look out for in your dog is swollen stomach. This swollen stomach is as a result of the gas that has distended the stomach. This swollen stomach has a lot of drooling, walking around, and intense panting.

You will have to listen attentively at the sounds made by your dogs as frequently as possible. Dogs that are affected by this issue make a whole lot of disturbing sound to pass the message across to you that they are in a great deal of pain.

Another critical way to denote that your dog has bloat is to always check them regularly. If you pay close attention to details, you will notice that they tend to want to vomit but nothing really comes out.

This is so consistent in most cases of bloat in dog. This is as a result of the unavailability of good internal breathing conditions owing to the fact that some of the breathing organs has been inflated and practically damaged by the gas.

Prevention and Treatment of Bloat

There are several options to prevent bloat in dogs. These non-evasive and non-surgical approaches include:

  • You must avoid dry kibble as much as possible
  • Feeding lots of small meals on a daily basis
  • Adequate intake of water at all times
  • Eliminate stress at all cost, especially during feeding periods

Following these simple, yet effective ways of preventing bloat can be complemented with natural bloat relief for dogs to ensure your furry friend’s well being is restored.



After going through what a bloat really means, how it affects your dogs, and how to denote its presence in your dog, you should be fully equipped to detect a potential bloat condition in your dogs and tackle it effectively.

Every dog lovers understand that there is nothing more important than seeing your dog is healthy and happy at all time. This article will help you make informed decision in making this very possible for your dog.


Has your dog ever experienced bloat? Please share your views below.

Bloat In Dogs
Article Name
Bloat In Dogs
Bloat in human beings is quite harmless, but bloat in dogs can be dangerous. It is very uncomfortable and can be deadly at times!
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