Does my dog need vitamins?

For many, our pets are like family, for some they are all they have, and for all, they bring great joy and love into our lives. So it is no wonder that pet owners want to give their dogs the best life they can so they can spend as much time as possible with their fur babies. Taking care of your dog involves everything from vet visits, to grooming, a balanced diet, and exercise. However, some dog owners are starting to wonder, is our regular dog food enough? Does my dog need vitamins? Hopefully after reading this article, you will have gained a little more knowledge on which dogs need vitamins, and what they are needed for. However, as a disclaimer, you should always check with your veterinarian to make sure.

The most common vitamins given to dogs are to promote healthy joints and to reduce shedding/ make that coat shine. Also, if your dog has tummy troubles, sometimes pet owners offer probiotics to their furry friends to help alleviate any indigestion or discomfort. As dogs grow older, the tendency for them to get or to be obese has increased in recent years, and as a result, the market for doggy vitamins and supplements is increasing as well. Armed with the knowledge of what is considered common practice, now we can take a look at if it is necessary.

Does my dog need vitamins? It all depends on your dog’s diet. Pet owners who believe in a homemade diet might want to consider a vitamin or supplement to make up for the nutrients that are lacking in the homemade food. Those feeding their dogs commercial pet food need to be aware of the production process employed to ensure that vitamins and minerals are still present in the final product. Often processed food has undergone so many iterations that, similar to human food, not many vitamins or minerals are left.

At the end of the day, all dogs need vitamins. They need vitamin A,D,C,E, etc. just like people. Some dogs might also need dedicated multivitamins, supplements, or any other type of vitamin given a specific condition that your dog has been diagnosed with. If they have a heart problem, they might have a B12 deficiency, if they don’t eat or in other terms, if your dog suffers from anorexia or muscle twitches, your vet my recommend B6. Also, your dog’s breed will play a factor into their condition, and so it goes, which vitamins will be necessary. For example, Golden Retrievers have notoriously bad hips. This could be due to any number of things though: neurological disorder, muscle atrophy, a degenerative disease,etc. So after speaking with a veterinarian, they can diagnose the problem and thus offer  solution.

Every dog parent, well… every pet parent wants to be the very best they can be. And can you blame them?