5 Natural Dog Health Tips For Caring Dog Parents


1. Maintain your dog’s healthy weight.

Make sure you know your dog’s breed recommended weight.

2. Give enough water.

Just as humans, dogs need fresh water at their disposal 24 hours a day.

3. Exercise your dog regularly.

Fetch games or a walk in the park once a day at least are ideal.

4. Maintain healthy and strong teeth and gum.

Your dog needs to have healthy and strong teeth to handle food. You also need to keep your dog from developing gum disease that might cause your dog’s teeth to wear out, fall out or even contribute to other serious problems such as blood infection and heart disease.

5. Ensure your dog gets enough vitamins.

Vitamins, fatty acids and trace minerals are needed for regulating a dog’s natural metabolic functions, such as helping with vision and brain development in young puppies, helping manage inflammation in skin and joints. These cannot be produced within the dog’s body, thus making it critical for your dog to get them through their diet. Unfortunately a lot of dog food available today is so highly processed (just like human food) that not many vitamins are left. For homemade diets supplementing vitamins is also highly recommended by many vets.

I am using natural products, why is my dog not?

This is the idea behind Rockwell Pets Pro. You fur baby is an important part of your family (perhaps the most important ;-)), they deserve the same product quality we use.

If you are taking vitamins and other supplements to keep yourself healthy, then why is your dog not? There should be a natural solution to help you prevent stiff joints and other painful conditions when dogs get older. Many of our furry friends suffer from allergies, which is often caused by a weak immune system. That’s where natural vitamins are ideal.

Many brands focus on outsourcing their production and ingredient sourcing to foreign countries. Not with us. All Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Dog products are produced in the US with high quality ingredients. Our fur babies are worth it! They deserve natural, quality products.

The picture shows Carlo, that’s our founder Lia’s dog. All our products are inspired and approved by Carlo. They work, that’s why we want to share them with as many dog parents as possible, who have been looking for a natural way to keep their fur baby happy and healthy.

Inspired By Carlo. Made For You.

We wanted the best for our family Vizsla, Carlo, and found most off-the-shelf pet products to be stuffed with low-quality ingredients with no indication of safety. So we created our own range of premium natural dog products.

All Natural. All USA. All The Best For Your Fur Family.

Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Dog Vitamins are carefully formulated for the specific needs of dogs. A powerful fusion of B Vitamins, Amino Acids, Trace Minerals, Digestive Enzymes, MSM, Glucosamine, and Aloe Vera supports a healthy canine metabolism and promotes a strong immune system. 

Energy boosting and rich in antioxidants, these potent vitamins are beneficial for dogs of all ages and breeds.  

Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Dog Shampoo

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Maybe you’ve already experienced a sick dog … You felt powerless and did not know where to turn to for help! Or you’ve decided to make sure your pup stays healthy right from the beginning… But did not find any high quality, natural products … Or did not know where to buy them… And are tired of ‘forcing’ your fur baby to eat chewables… And the list goes on.

Trust me, I get it. As the mother of my Vizsla, Carlo, I share those concerns… And you’ll be happy to know that my team and I have spent working tirelessly on testing natural, high quality products that to find an easy, all-in-one health solution for a happy and healthy fur baby. Our Natural Dog Vitamins have essential vitamins and minerals and you can just add it to your dog’s food, ‘easy and fast’.

Our founder wanted the best for her Vizsla, Carlo, and found most off-the-shelf pet products to be stuffed with low-quality ingredients with no indication of safety. That’s why we created our own range of premium natural dog products.

You must also be tired of the current ‘throw-away’ mentality. The ‘cheaper is better’ way of living at any cost has reached its peak and we are here to help the dogs in your family live a healthier, happier life.

This more natural and conscious way of living revolutionizes the way we connect with friends and family, the way we live, the way we love, and simply the way we are.

Being mindful citizens and enjoying more natural, higher quality products for ourselves and our furry family members is the future of healthy and happy living.

That is what Rockwell Pets Pro is about.

"This more natural and conscious way of living revolutionizes the way we connect with friends and family, the way we live, the way we love, and simply the way we are."

What other Rockwell Pets Pro family members say about us …

“I really like Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Vitamins for my dog Archie! He is a really picky eater, and sometimes I worry he isn’t getting the proper nutrients he needs.” Lyndsay Marvin

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All our natural dog products are made for caring dog parents like you.

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