From Puppy To Teenager

The cute little dog has become a skinny four-legged friend, who, like a two-legged teenager, suddenly questions everything that the dog parents have left him. You already have the first phase of puberty behind you. Now he is in the second round: the second puberty. But do not worry, this time will pass. And it is very important for the development of your dog, because it contributes to the fact that the four legs grow and find their place in the human and canine world.

The first puberty begins depending on race between six and twelve months and is accompanied by sexual maturity. The large breeds later arrive at this phase, the females are a bit earlier than the males. The female is now running for the first time, the male suddenly finds females very exciting. He also rivals increasingly with other males. Many dog ​​owners notice the onset of puberty not only in the context of sexual maturity, but also because the good behavior of a good four-legged friend suddenly seems to have vanished.

Once this time is over, most dog owners breathe. But there is a second phase of puberty, between 18 and 24 months. At this point, the dog matures emotionally: the four-legged test their limits and strive to find their place in the dog, but also in the human world. This second phase of puberty is also known as the anxiety phase. Many animals are now as sensitive as a raw egg. Some develop sudden fears and are very sensitive to noise during this time. At the same time, many dogs appear in their second adolescence, once again fighting for attention. Suddenly, you can aggressively respond to the other dogs and fight classified battles. Therefore, it is important to continue treating the dog with affection and to show him his limits. Not with hardness, but with instinct. Be sure: even this second puberty passes, just as it came!