Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection

Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection

Dogs ear smell is often caused by allergies, bacteria and yeast. These accumulate into debris in the external canal of the ear which in turn lead to bad ear smell and ear infections. A home remedy for dog ear infection is often a good way to tackle the problem.

Most of the symptoms are very obvious and easily visible if you pay attention to your dog. Look out for reddish discharge, swelling, and scabs or crusts on the inside of the ear. Your dog might also shake their head frequently.

If you notice loss of hearing, loss of balance, and unusual eye movement, please make sure the visit your vet. At this point the infection has become very serious.

Having said that, it is important to note that home remedies are just one of the available ways for treating and curing dog ear infections. Antibiotics are often recommended, but are often a short term cure only before the infection reemerges.

For the purpose of this article, I will be introducing you to 5 effective home remedies which have been tested over a long period of time. The constituents of this remedies are cheap and highly accessible, and most importantly, it has a long term effect on the dog.

Oregano Oil

Due to the fact that this oil is naturally occurring means its nature constituent is beneficial for different purposes. One of such purposes is acting a a great source of cleanser for taking a proper care you’re your dog ear infection before it gets out of hand.

Because the importance of a natural dog ear cleaner cannot be overemphasized when cleaning the dog ear is concerned. The debris in the ear is thoroughly dealt with by making use of the oregano oil in the right quantity and supplemented with the right substance.

Addition of half oz of undiluted Aloe Vera juice to a single drop of oregano oil will give you the very best solution you seek. Drop a minute amount of this mixture in the dog’s or better still, you can insert cotton balls into the mixture for a while until it is soaked and subsequently use it to wipe the ear flap of your dog.

You should be aware that excess addition or concentrated use of the oregano oil on your dog’s ear is surely going to cause irritation. Hence, care must be taken and prescription must be taken to heart when using this home remedy for dog ear infection.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Just before you start considering this option, you have to be very sure that your dog ear does not contain any kind of redness or sore in it, this home remedy is not advisable for dog ear infection cleansing that has developed redness or sore in the ears of the dog.

The reason why this is so is owing to the reactive ability of the constituents acids that makes up this substance. The use of Apple cider vinegar will be very painful for the dog if the ear has developed any sort of sore or redness,

Aside that, are you aware that the acetic acid in vinegar is great and highly effective when you are contemplating on what to use in removing the debris in the dog ear? This means you don’t have to go through the regular stress of mixing substances up before make use of it.

The most important feature that makes this home remedy stands out is the fact that it is powerful enough to kill yeast and bacteria; the two most dominant contributors to the dog ear infection.

For effectiveness, it is advised that you put the apple cider vinegar with equal amount of distilled water inside a glass and make use of either a syringe to take the quantity you want and squirt a few drops into the dog ear.

Another option available to you is to soak cotton balls into natural ear cleaner specifically manufactured for dogs use the cotton ball to wipe the flap of the dog ear. This is a great way to cleansing the dog ear to remove the undesirable debris present in the ear.

Coconut Oil

The function of the coconut oil is quite immense when it comes to taking care of the body and the skin. Perhaps it is so because of the antibacterial and antifungal prowess of the oil which has been established for a reasonable number of years.

To get the best result from the amazing oil, this is a recipe that would be beneficial to you:

  • Two fresh garlic cloves combined with couple of tablespoons of the coconut oil placed in a pan which is on a low heat will invariably improve the antibacterial power of the mixture.
  • Cook to the point where you notice that the oil becomes liquefied. Afterwards allow the liquid to cool to a reasonable degree because your dog won’t find a hot or too warm liquid relatively comforting when administered to the ear.
  • Soak your cotton balls in the cool liquid and use it to wipe the dog ear or you can make use of a dropper and place just a couple of drops into the dog ear and clean it off.

The best way to take full control of the situation while using this home remedy is to apply it to the dog ear on an average of twice daily for at least 7 days. This is to make sure that the effectiveness of the oil is felt thoroughly during treatment.

Once the ear infection is overcame, you are advised to keep some of the liquid in a safe and cool environment due to fact that most of this dog ear infection are tough to tackle. Meaning there is tendency of reoccurrence at any point in time.


Being a plant rich in antibacterial properties which works effectively in treating bacterial ear infections, mullein is a great home remedy for dog ear infection. The antibacterial prowess possessed by this plant is the basic reason why it found its way into this list of top home remedies for dog ear infection.

Although it is a bit tough to get your herb and develop a recipe all by yourself, it doesn’t eliminate the fact that dried mullein leaf is available in your local health store and you can definite make a purchase.

Once you get the leaf, you can follow through using the recipe developed by Dr Randy Kidd.

  • Get as much mullein leaves and flowers as possible, make freshly chopped antibacterial garlic also available, an olive oil, and a disinfected glass jar. These are all you need to get started.
  • Put the leaves and the flowers inside the glass jar and endeavour to use olive oil as a cover. Adding two cloves of the antibacterial freshly chopped garlic per pint of oil will further boost the antibiotic effectiveness of the recipe.
  • The mixture is then allowed to sit for three weeks so that the individual substituent of the mixture would have duly dissolve and mix thoroughly – this is important for achieving the desired results.
  • Afterwards, you can strain the mixture and start making use of the warmed oil. You can either make use of the cotton balls or a dropper in administering the oil into the ear canal of the dog.

This recipe is guaranteed to give you an optimal result when prepared and used as prescribed.


As if its local skin and external ear problems treatment prowess are not enough, this herb is renowned for its wonderful healing abilities. It can be refer to as a potent antifungal herb with great pain relief properties as well.

This herb is very effective when you get hold of a quality infused oil (with calendula as a major constituent) or you can diligently follow the recipe and make yours at the comfort of your home.

It does not only serves as a cleanser, it is also a great substance for making sure that your dog is relieved of the intense pains and suffering it is going through due to the ear infection.

If you don’t want to get the infused oil, here is a recipe that is sure to do the wonders for your dog ear infection.

  • Get a reasonable quantity of the calendula flowers, a glass jar, freshly chopped garlic, and enough quantity of olive oil. These are the fundamental substances needed to achieve the desired result.
  • Put the flowers in the glass jar, add a couple of the freshly chopped garlic, and cover it with the olive oil. The fresh garlic will further add to the antibiotic prowess of the calendula.
  • Strain the mixture and commence the application of the warmed oil into the infected ear. The temperature of the mixture must be kept at a reasonable degree so that the dog will not react to high temperature, while low temperature will reduce effectiveness of the mixture.
  • Make use of either a cotton ball (soaked in the mixture) or dropper to administer and wipe the dog ear.

You can keep for months without losing its potency. Due to fact that the ear infection has a way of reoccurring, keeping this home remedy for 6 month is rational and logical enough as it can be applied to the dog ear once any of the dog ear symptoms is noticed.


Remedies for chronic cases of dog ear infection

An immune system problem might lead to consistent suffering of your dog from ear infections. You will get to know this if the dog ear infection seems not to be so interested in whatever home remedies for dog ear infection you are using, it still persist after treatments.

Allergy-like symptoms of ear infection is a function of leaky gut – a good aid for bacteria growth. Once you notice this, it is important to take note of the following causes of the condition and find the best way to eliminate the leaky gut issue.

  1. When your dog is over-vaccinated, it can lead to a serious problem to the immune system which results into autoimmune diseases. Allergies are typical examples of autoimmune diseases that can be found in the body system of your dog.
  2. When you administer any form of drugs to your dog, make sure it is prescribed and of utmost importance to the dog. Unnecessary use of antibiotics, steroids, and lots more are potential immune disorder factor.
  3. What the body takes in, it takes out. The diet plan of your dog goes a long way in improving the immune system and also damaging it unconsciously. Food additives and preservatives are some of the major causes of poor dieting in dogs. You are advised to keep your dog meal as natural as possible.

Knowing how well to tackle bad ear smell and prevent ear infections ensures your dog lives a happier, more natural life. Having remedies available at all time, taking care of your dog’s diet, reducing the intake of drugs, and minimizing vaccination will help you manage ear infection effective.


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