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Originally published at TAILS & TREATS DOG TRAINING

Rusty just finished running agility and he was both dirty and hot. I started off rinsing him and applying the shampoo. A quarter sized amount went a long way and covered him in a rich white lather from head to tail. It smelled like lavender but was not overwhelming. It got all the mud and dirt out with minimal effort. It rinsed off and he was running happily. His fur dried into a shiny and silky coat. …


By Michelle C.

5 STARS…I just received this shampoo from Rockwell Pets Pro and gave my dog a long massaging bath. I’ll be giving her another bath with this product in another few weeks and will report back again, but I absolutely love it to this point. It smells fantastic with a touch of lavender scent. I love that it lathers so easily and goes a long, long way. I have a 55 lb dog, and fully lathered, made only a 1/2″ dent in the bottle neck toward the amount of shampoo used. It’s a 16 oz bottle, so I estimate this bottle to last 16-20 shampoos for my dog, likely a bit less than that if your dog has all long fur. My dog has long white fur around her neck and short brindle fur over most the rest of her body. I immediately noticed a positive difference in the body of her long white hair while wet, something that I’ve never seen before after her baths. She does have dry, itchy skin that I’ve been trying to correct, so I will follow up again in the coming weeks, since this is a moisturizing formula for dry and itchy skin. I am highly encouraged that this product is toxin-free, containing natural oils and aloe vera. Thank you Rockwell Pet Pro.


Originally published at GIVEAWAY GUY
As dog owners we have more than enough to worry about. Isn’t it nice using things made with high quality ingredients? Rockwell Pets Pro is passionate about their products, and the well-being of our pets is a priority. They’re committed to making more natural and safer products for our pets and families. …


By Sharon C.

It was nice to find a vitamin for my little picky dog who’s getting older now and needs all the help she can get. This vitamin seems to be helping her coat and making her eyes brighter. She also has a little more pep in her step. I hope this vitamin helps to keep her around for awhile since she means so much to me. Thanks Rockwell for making an awesome product!


Have been looking for a quality vitamin for my dogs and purchased this for the first time. The ingredients listed on the container are wonderful and complete, helpful in maintaining good health and boosting immunity to fight diseases. Have not been using this product for long and it is hard to know if there are positive results only after this short time. But, my dogs love the taste and that is half the battle. It is liquid and easily mixes with their food. They are frisky, clear eyed and have thick, shiny coats and I strive to keep them that way. I feel good about providing them with quality vitamins and minerals to help their bodies stay healthy and function at their peak for a very long time.


I was so impressed with all the quality ingredients this product has..but I was concerned with so many ingredients my dog wouldn’t like the taste. dog loves the taste! And I feel really good about giving her something that will hopefully help her age well now that she is a 13yr old senior. The price may be higher than other supplements..but if you compare the will understand why. Very happy to have purchased this product!

By sunflowermaggie

I have two dogs, over 140 pounds. My female, Mia, is a 7 year old English Mastiff. My male, named Boy, is a 3 year old Harlequin Great Dane. Mia suffers from doggie acid reflux and has to take a stomach pill every day. We have also been battling hearing loss with her, from repeated ear infections and her getting older. Before giving these to my furbabies, I asked their vet and he said to start with half of a dose and if there are no bad reactions than it should be fine to give them.

I have been giving these Natural Vitamins to both of my furbabies since October and they both show great benefits.

Their coats are shiny, soft, and beautiful. Their breath actually smells better (I’m not sure why, but adding these vitamins is the only difference). And they both have increased energy levels. Not that Boy was lacking in that area, lol, but Mia sure was. She is even more lovable, as she used to just lay on her bed while Boy asked for attention, they are now in competition for attention.

I was afraid that I would have to do some sort of doggie magic to get them to take these vitamins, but that was not a problem. I just pour it over their morning feeding and they eat it up just the same.

I am adding a picture so show that this is a huge bottle and also the color of the vitamins.