$10 Gift Card For You

Get a free $10 Gift Card by sending us a short video review of your Rockwell Pets Pro products!

Free $10 Rockwell Pets Pro Gift Card for you!

We will send you a $10 Gift Card to our store in return for a 20 to 60 second video review of your Rockwell Pets Pro product!

1. Get a phone or tabled that can record video.

2. Record your video review (20 to 60 seconds) 

Please make sure your include the following in the video.

  1. Mention ‘Rockwell Pets Pro’
  2.  Clearly show your face / your dog and your Rockwell Pets Pro product
  3. Share what you and your fur baby like about it

3. Email the video to contact@rockwellpetspro.com with subject: “Rockwell Pets Pro Video Review”

We will return your $10 Gift Card right away. 

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