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Dog Shelters + Partners

These are our pawsome partners! Each and everyone of these teams are doing outstanding work. Our partners range from dog shelters, giving both dogs and their new dog parents a second chance, to those educating and training canines for special tasks.

Thank you, we are honored to partner with you. 


New Jersey, USA


Home Free Animal Rescue was founded:
1. To make pet adoption easier, more affordable and FUN!
2. To save the pets who are most in need and not necessarily the ones that are easily adoptable. We champion the black dogs and cats, plain brown wrappers, bully breeds, seniors, pregnant animals and others that would ordinarily be overlooked.

​Together, we can make a real difference!!



Georgia, USA

FIDOS4HEROS (FREEDOM FIDOS) Freedom Fidos rescues Canines from Shelters, task trains them to be medical instrument service dogs, and provides them at no cost to the recipients who desperately need them. Our current populations are disabled Veterans and First Responders.

Providing Hope where there often is…. None.



New Brunswick, Canada

DunRoamin DunRoamin's mandate is to help those strays who have no one to care for them - the ones who are abandoned, abused, injured, neglected and have no other alternative for life. They focus on rescue, treatment and education.



Learn more about our Shelter Dog Hero initiative here