5 Tips For Old Dogs That Are No Longer Listening

Tips For Old Dogs That Are No Longer Listening

If we are lucky enough to experience a dog that is growing old, unfortunately we are faced with increasing vulnerabilities including the possibility they might become deaf. It is difficult to experience when your old dog is not listening anymore and see him or her recognizing and engaging less and less with the environment. This also means that you can engage with your dog less and less. Worse, if he or she is still physically fit and enjoys tolling round and playing with other dogs, but does not hear your commands and warnings. There are some tips for old dogs that are no longer listening that you can follow.

1. Guide your furry friend with sign and body language

Training and conditioning him before he is completely death would be ideal. You can certainly apply your body language also once he cannot hear well anymore. This could include raising the index finger to command seat. Or raising the hand to stop him and point the fingers upward to signal him with a movement to come close to you.

2. Pay attention to other members of your household

If you have more than one dog or other pets, pay particular attention to how the other members of your family deal with your elderly dog. It might be necessary to separate them in your absence.

3. Take care how your dog goes outside

There are infinitely many situations that are dangerous for a dog who cannot hear well. If he could walk on the road without a rope so far, take the reins in his hand. He no longer hears approaching cars and cyclists, and he might be frightened to death by a child with a scooter or tricycle that suddenly appears behind him. The same with a skateboarder. Your old dog may also need help with dealing with other dogs after s/he no longer hears them in the park. They usually are more isolated and engage less with peers.

4. Be patient when your old dog is not listening anymore

Your dog does not ignore you intentionally. He / she is also not intentionally slow, but just old and maybe a bit confused. Maybe your dog will not look so good either. So stay near him and put his hand on his back or shoulder when you feel he is a little messy. Your dog is really trying his best. Be patient.


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Tips For Old Dogs That Are No Longer Listening 

 What are your tips? Anything that has worked for you? Please share below.