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Our family members have asked for sessions to ask our vets general health questions. We listened and are now offering weekly 'Ask Our Vet' online sessions. Topics range from Parvo in dogs to general dog health. 

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Dr. Maxbetter Vizelberg

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Maxbetter has been cultivating his interest in veterinary medicine since a young age. From being read Russian children’s stories about “Doctor Aybolit” by his grandmother to interning at the Israeli Wildlife Hospital to practicing at several small animal hospitals in the greater Boston area, he has thoroughly enjoyed learning about and sharing his joy of animals with others over the years. He graduated from Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in 2018 and has been working at The Village Veterinarian since the summer of 2020.

About US

Rockwell Pets Pro is a dog wellness brand. Our products are natural, USA manufactured dog products for happy and healthy fur babies. We pride ourselves for using high quality, US sourced ingredients for products produced in FDA and GMP compliant factories. Our range of natural supplements and grooming products are especially made for loving dog parents.

But our Rockwell Pets Pro family members say it best: "Emilia is able to have a life :). I have been using Rockwell Pets Pro liquid multivitamin for about 3 years, it has helped my Maltese Emilia that was born with dysplasia giving her energy to move as best as she can and able to have a life :)" Carlos Knoepffler Jr, Rockwell Pets Pro Customer.