From Teenager To Adult

Finally your dog has matured. Suddenly you open your eyes one morning and your dog sits with the newspaper in front of your bed and pushes your shoes to your feet. Maybe you’re just going for a walk and remember that he did not pass by other dogs so quietly or that the garbage men, who otherwise let him run in a hustle and bustle, do not bother him or her. Maybe their movements just do not seem so puppy anymore or it’s just their safe behavior in general.

Now you are a well rehearsed team and you know the peculiarities of each other. If you have educated your dog well, it now materializes through their solid character. The fact that he explores the limits here and there happens, but you should simply use this to ‘readjust’, to make it clear that you are really a good package leader, because you remain calm and consistent with your educational guidance. If there have been problems with their education, this will now be evident.

An exciting time, which will allow for a more steady co-living. You have developed routines and your buddy is fully integrated family member – with their own opinion.