This is Bel's Story. 'Olaf has healed broken pieces of my heart.' #nevergiveup

Your story is worth telling. 


For 10 months I was looking for a fur baby that was medium size to do outdoor activities with. 


First obstacle was getting my husband on board. 


When he finally did then came the long search which became discouraging because either the dog we wanted had been already adopted or in a different state and some places don't approve out of state adoptions. 


When I was about to give up we got a response about a mom who has 11 pups. 


Then I saw him in a Olaf. 


Olaf has taught me what it is to love without any expectations, he has been my biggest teacher on patience and not giving up. 


Even when their are tough days Olaf and his silliness makes everything better. 


My biggest challenge has been him nipping out of the blue, I look like a cutting board. 


His 8 months so I have to remember his still learning. 


Olaf has healed broken pieces of my heart.




What is your dog's story? Please share it with other loving dog parents. It might give them hope, joy or the solution to their challenges. Let's share the love and support each other.