Become a Shelter Dog Hero

Countless dogs enter shelters every year across the US. We would like to support the local often volunteer run organizations. Shelter dogs almost always require immediate medical attention. They are deprived of basic hygiene, food and many times suffer from disease.  

One of the best ways we can help is by donating our products. After all, our natural immune strengthening solutions should help our new shelter friends to get back on their feed as fast as possible.

Supporting 150,000 Shelter Dogs

We set a big goal of donating our natural dog products to 150,000 shelter dogs to help them thrive. We will not be able to do this alone and need your help. In fact, we need the help of every single Rockwell Pets Pro family member and friend. For every two Rockwell Pets Pro products you get for your fur baby, we will donate one to one of our partner shelters. 

We trust this mission is as close to your heart as it is to ours and really hope for your support. 


I WANT TO BECOME A SHELTER HERO - Just shop in our store and we will donate a product for you



Learn more about the amazing work our partners are doing. 


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