Turmeric For Dogs

turmeric for dogsTurmeric has a long tradition for its use in Ayurveda (traditional) medicine in India. The spice comes from the Curcuma Longa root, which is part of the ginger family.  
It has many benefits, which science has shown to benefit immune strength and general health in dogs. For a fast and easy way to feed Turmeric to your fur baby, try our Natural Bone Broth For Dogs With Turmeric

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Components of Turmeric called Curcuminoids, also known as curcumin inhibit a number of molecules that are known to play a role in inflammation. These are specifically linked to the positive attributes of Turmeric for a stronger immune system and benefit for conditions like allergies that are typically associated with inflammation. A number of studies on human and animal participants have demonstrated the anti-inflammatory properties of the spice. Improved health and the anti-inflammatory benefits were also found in a controlled study to compare healthy dogs fed with a controlled diet and another group where Turmeric was added to their food


Turmeric as an Antioxidant 

The benefit of Turmeric are wide-reaching. A study has shown the reduction of Lymphocytes in dogs administered with Turmeric. These white blood cells help fight bacteria, viruses and toxins and their levels are typically elevated when the body is fighting disease. Levels of these blood cells decreased during the study, which suggest the anti-inflammatory properties of Turmeric. The scientists also found an increase in activity of antioxidant enzymes in addition to stimulating the antioxidant system in the dogs.  


Natural Bone Broth For Dogs With Turmeric

Finding, preparing and identifying the right amount of turmeric to give to our fur babies can be a challenge. That's why we created a Natural Bone Broth For Dogs With Turmeric. Your fur baby gets all the benefits of Bone Broth and Turmeric without spending hours in the kitchen. Just add the powder to your normal dog food and watch the bowl empty. 



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