Dog Ear Infection

How To Treat Dog Ear Infections

Once you notice any of the dog ear infection symptoms in early stages as described above, you should take immediate action.

Ear Cleansing

The importance of this part of the treatment stage cannot be overemphasized.

The first thing to do is to get the gentle and natural cleanser ready, get the cotton balls available, and a couple of towel in place. Make you dog comfortable by massaging the base of the ear around the cartilage. This is very important to help your dog stay calm and reduce anxiety. Once that is done, it is time to gently use the cotton balls to clean the flap covering the ear and other surrounding parts of the ear.

By now the ear canal is ready to be cleaned. Use the cotton ball to clean the ear canal for as long as the finger can go, do not force it once you noticed that the dog is no longer feeling comfortable with the process. Use the cotton balls to carefully clean the dirt.

You can repeat the cleaning process for as long as you feel it is necessary to get the desired result – a thoroughly clean ear.

Caution while cleansing

During the cleaning process, it is very important that you do not make use of alcohol or cleansers that are alcoholic. This causes intense pains in the dog ear, which can lead to discomfort and on the long run lead to sore ears.

Another thing to take note of when you are cleaning the dog ear is to make sure that you do not reach too deep with the cotton balls to avoid damaging the inner ear and eardrum. This is the powerhouse that helps the ear retain its ability to hear and balance. Severe damage to the eardrum can lead to permanent deafness and loss of balance.


Once the cleansing process is successfully completed, the next thing that comes to mind is to dry the damp ear region.

  • Heating: A fan or hairdryer can be used to accelerate the drying process, but you should be careful not to overheat. Monitor your dog carefully to ensure they are comfortable.
  • Natural airflow: An average of 15 minutes airflow is enough to dry all the vital parts of the dog ear.

For a video and further details please visit how to clean dog ears. You might also be interested in the Rockwell Pets Pro Natural Ear Cleaner.


If you are following the process raptly, you will agree that all the aforementioned stages of treatment are in a way priming the infected dog ear for this last stage of the treatment. It is at this point that the expertise of the veterinarian is actually needed.

There are ranges of prescriptions that can make by the veterinarian. These include

  • Drops
  • Ointments
  • Oral medications: anti-yeast, antibiotics, etc.

The vet is responsible for prescribing the needed drops or ointments that will heal the infection. Once the vet prescription is ready, application is the next thing to do. The effectiveness of the prescribed ointments or drops is a function of two things; the expertise of the veterinarian and the severity of the infection.

Length of Treatment

To grab the right understanding surrounding the length of the treatment, it is very important to know the vital factors that sum up the treatment procedure:

  • The Patient:  The treatment length might be short or long depending on how fast the dog ear heals and how willing they are to undergo all the treatment process. The length of treatment will definitely be longer than required if the dog is not interested in cooperating with the veterinarian in going through the treatment procedures.
  • Infection Severity: This will determine the length of the treatment, with longer treatment required for more severe cases. If caught early the infection might be healed fast.

By now you should know that are quite a simple and straightforward procedures to follow when it comes to treating your dog for ear infection. Natural substances are preferred over its processed counterparts due to many health reasons.

Most importantly, regular ear hygiene maintenance will help prevent ear infections and allow you to keep a close eye on their ear health and overall behavior. Good dieting is also a proven way to avoid chronic ear disease.

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