How To Cure Dog Ear Infection

How To Cure Dog Ear Infection

Dog ear infection is one of the most common disease in dogs and can cause severe problems in your dog. Ear infections are bacteria, fungal, and allergy related dog disease. There are clear symptoms such as rubbing and scratching of the ear (initial stages) and head tilting and circular walking (in critical stages). To cure dog ear infection, you can take some easy steps.


Dogs That Are Prone To Ear Infection

Dogs that have flaps covering their ear are at a high risk of coming up with ear infection than other kinds of dogs. The flap covering the ear reduces the airflow towards the external canal of the ear. This means that there is always a high possibility of the ear canal having a lot of debris which can accumulate and lead to ear infection.

Excessive hair growth in the ear canal can also lead your dog to being prone to ear infections. Limited airflow is again one of the main reasons as excessive hair covers the ear and prevents healthy air circulation.

There are  a number of signs of ear infection in dogs.

Dog Ear Infection Symptoms

  1. Scratching

This is one of the very obvious and basic signs that are noticeable in dogs when they have an ear infection. The dog tends to scratch the outer region of the ear with its limbs. At the early stage of the ear infection your dog will try to minimize discomfort by scratching the outer ear.

Being a good observer at this point of the infection will definitely go a long way in determining the survival level and the estimated cost of taking care of the dog. Though this symptom might be related to other form of dog’s infection or disease, it is advisable that you fix an appointment with your vet doctor as soon as possible to avoid any more painful experience on the part of the dog.

  1. Discharge

The very moment your dog start having a yellow, brownish or traces of blood in his or her discharge, it is a clear warning that something is definitely wrong with the body structure and system of the dog.

  1. Odour

A change in the odour of the dog – a sweet smell. The very moment you notice an odour emanating from the ear of your dog; it is a clear signal that there is an ear infection danger looming.

  1. Hair loss

Though it might take a while for you to notice a typical hair loss from any part of your dog, creating a bond with the dog and creating time to check up on her on a regular interval is a sure way to get alerted when there is any loss of hair in any part of the dog body.

  1. Redness

Just because ear infections are a function of bacterial and fungal, there is a chance of the dog having a swollen and reddish part in the region of the ear. Therefore, it is a symptom that can easily point to the fact that your dog is a victim of an infection.

  1. Scabs on the ear

Because the infection is a fungal infection, crusts and scabs can be visible round the inner part of the outer ear. This signals an advanced stage of the ear infection and a vet visit is unavoidable.

  1. Intense itching

The ear infection is taking a better part of the ear and the dog is feeling a very intense level of itching. Usually dogs will feel restless and you may notice that your dog is rubbing their ear against walls, floors, and any other surface that is available.

  1. Head tilt

The major constituting factor to ear infection is accumulation of debris and lack of removal from the ear external canal which imperatively lead to the action of the bacteria and fungi on it. The debris is said to be in a molten state which means it does tickle the dog ear sporadically.

Once the ear is tickled, the dog will automatically respond to the stimuli by shaking its head profusely with the sincere hope that the debris will find its way out of its ear. Because that is not the case, the tickle comes at interval once the ear infection gets to the stage and the dog keep tilting its head as well.

  1. Eye movement

A dog suffering from ear infection can develop an abnormal eye movement when the infection gets to a very severe stage. At the point, all of the aforementioned symptoms will have usually been displayed by the dog. The dog will be giving a troubled and victimized look which results into abnormal movement of the eyes.

  1. Circular walking

This is the penultimate sign you will see before the dog get to the point where the ear infection will deny her the basic functions of the ear. The dog will start walking in around in circles a function of the diminishing prowess of the ear as a balancing organ.

  1. Lose of vital functions of the ear

The dog may show signs of losing their hearing ability in conjunction with further loss of balance. This can be seen as the most severe stage of an ear infection and requires urgent treatment from a professional vet.


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