Dry Skin On Dogs

The cause of dry skin on dogs can be quite diverse. A relatively precise diagnosis is important, however, in order to be able to start the appropriate treatment and to prevent the formation of dandruff and further drying out of the skin.

Similar to humans, the dog's skin normally regenerates itself. Old skin cells are rejected, new cells are created. A normal process. If this natural regeneration process is disturbed, there are negative changes in the complexion. The skin prematurely rejects too many cells or secretes faulty cell assemblies. Overproduction of skin fat and talc can clog the pores and lead to an increased accumulation of skin cells and skin fat.

The result of a disrupted skin regeneration is oily and dull fur, impure and dry skin on dogs as well as itching and hair loss. Untreated dry skin can lead to open spots and, in the worst case, a painful skin infection. It is important to recognize skin problems fast and treat them early.


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