7 Tips When My Dog Is Constipated

Constipation in dogs is common. Often it goes as fast as it comes. Unfortunately, many dogs suffer frequently, which can show up for no immediately apparent reason. In many cases you can help your dog with simple home remedies. But what helps and what are the signs of constipation? This is what we will discuss in the follow. A natural intestinal rehabilitation, which ensures a regular digestive process is key. Also note that if left untreated, this condition can become a serious health threat.


Tips When My Dog Is Constipated

If your dog can only rarely empty their bowel or do so only under great pressure, then these are dog constipation symptoms. Your dog is likely suffering from discharge problems. This can be triggered by various causes and can vary in severity. There are dogs who repeatedly have problems with defecation for no particular reason. The signs of often go away on their own the next day, but many dogs continue to suffer from this painful condition. Their digestive system might need more nutrients than they are currently getting in their diet.

You should not be in panic, when your dog is having troubles with their bowl movement, there are fast and easy cures for dog constipation. In any case, if your fur baby has been suffering for a long time the please see a vet as soon as you can. If the excrement collects in the intestine and it becomes too hard, the bowl can become blocked. Vets usually use an enema to solve this and flush the fecal matter out, but in worst cases your dog may need to be operated. It could also be that your fur baby swallowed an indigestible object, which only your vet can identify.

If your dog excretes less than usual or only with strong pressure, there are a few simple measures that can help your fur baby.

Drinking and Hydration

First and foremost, it is important to ensure that your dog is drinking enough fluids. A dog drinking fountain can provide for hydration, so your dog drinks plenty of water. During constipation, your dog should drink more than usual. Water not only hydrates the body but also serves as a stool softener. If the animal drinks too little, the mass in the intestine cannot be mixed with sufficient liquid, which makes the stool too hard and the dog can no longer pass it. Plenty of fresh water is therefore the first thing dog owners should think about


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Exercising For Constipated Dogs

Exercise also helps if bowel movement is restricted. If the intestine lacks movement, the intestinal contents cannot be kneaded sufficiently and do not slide down. When the dog moves, his intestines also get going. Possibly dog ​​owners should also deal with the topic of light food for the dog.

The natural movements are stimulated, the bowel starts to move again and the maneuvering of feces is made easier. If drinking more and exercising doesn't help, a simple home remedy may be able to relieve the constipation. Even if your puppy shows signs of difficulties to discharge, the right home remedy is available for you. Dog owners can stimulate the dog's digestion with the right home remedies. What is certain is that you should not put your fur baby's bowel sluggishness on the back burner. 

As a rule, you should give your fur baby only given plain water to drink and make sure they are hydrated. As you may know, dogs should not drink milk, as this leads to diarrhea in most animals. And it is precisely this undesirable effect that dog owners can take advantage of when their four-legged friend suffers from constipation. In most cases it is sufficient for your dog to drink half a glass of milk. Just see how this impacts the stool before adding more milk. Be careful to not over do it. You should definitely not give more than a bowl for large dogs and half a bowl for small fur babies. 

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The Right Food For Dog Constipation

The feed can also cause constipation. This includes changing feed or changing feed too quickly. If the dog is only given dry food, the need for fluid is already increased. Dry food should therefore be avoided during constipation. Human -grade dog food is sure to be a good option. A high-quality wet food also offers your dog a small amount of liquid and is easier to digest for them. You can also mix wet food with a few spoons of water and mix both in the. Make sure your dog food is rich in dietary fiber. This is particularly important for micronutriens our fur babies otherwise do not get. The amount of feed also plays an important role. If your dog can only once in a while relive themselves, then it is much better to serve him smaller portions. You can just divide the normal portions in to four to five small meals. Again, wet food is much easier to digest and ideal in these circumstance. 

This should help your dog if your dog has problems to defecate. If you continue to see these symptoms, you may also want to look at hypoallergenic dog food. You can also enrich each meal with a little paraffin oil and / or milk to relief the intestines and digestive tracts. Bone broth for dogs is also a great addition to dog food to support digestion and alleviate constipation including stubborn cases. 


Prevention Is Best

Ideally you try to prevent any health problems. Ensuring a diet rich in vitamins, minerals and nutrients is key for a healthy and vital fur baby. If your dog suffers from constipation more often, then there are various possibilities that can help the animal preventative. These primarily include:

  • Fresh drinking water
  • Sufficient exercise and / or dog sports
  • High fiber dog food
  • Wet food

Wet food that contains a large amount of fiber can help with existing and prevent further constipation. This should prevent the problem that the dog does not defecate.

At the same time, susceptible dogs should drink more fluids and always have fresh drinking water available. Regular exercise and several short walks a day encourage bowel movement and also help your dog to digest.

As soon as the first signs of impending constipation show up, simple home remedies such as natural bone broth for dogs or can be easy prevention for a healthy and well functioning gut. Benefits of bone broth for dogs are widely known and scientifically proven to help when your dog shows signs of difficulties to discharge. When adding turmeric for dogs then it is even more effective. What is certain is that digestive problems in dogs are unpleasant for both the animal and the owner.


Dog Is Constipated - Get Nutrients - Rockwell Pets Pro

If the veterinarian has already prescribed a special food and / or a laxative for your dog, this product should be kept at home in an emergency. It may even be a natural bone broth for dogs to relieve acute constipation.

However, if there is only the slightest suspicion that the dog has eaten an indigestible object, the animal should be taken to the vet immediately. In the worst case, eating indigestible things can lead to an intestinal obstruction.


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