Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs With Congestive Heart Failure

As with diabetes, cancer, and a host of other medical conditions, dogs, too, can suffer from heart disease. Some symptoms that could indicate heart disease in your dog could include things like:

Symptom: Non-stop heavy breathing/chronic pant. If it seems as if your dog is always panting, even in front of the AC or while asleep, this could indicate heart disease.

Remedy: Limit sodium intake. Sometimes, heart trouble can be maintained, as with humans, by reducing the amount of sodium (or salt) that your dog consumes. Some commercial foods contain a great deal of sodium. If you often feed your dog table scraps, there may be a bit more sodium in those foods than is healthy for your dog. Change your dog’s food, and STOP feeding him/her leftovers (no matter how sad those eyes get!). That way, you can give your dog a healthier heart.

Symptom: Unusually loud breathing. Heart disease can cause your dog to breathe abnormally loud, have a “rattle” in his or her chest when inhaling or exhaling, or sound raspy when breathing.

Remedy: L-carnitine. Homeopathic remedies for dogs that involve L-carnitine affect the way your dog’s heart processes fat. It makes this processing easier on your dog’s body, and less stressful on your dog’s heart. It can also give an organic, safe energy to your dog’s heart, which will help it fight heart disease progression naturally.

Symptom: Inability to exercise. If your dog suffers from heart disease, he or she will likely have no interest in, and limited ability to, exercise. Not only can heart disease make it hard to breathe for your dog, it can make your dog’s heart rate accelerate quickly and easily, making exercise extremely uncomfortable (and dangerous) for your dog.

Remedy: Flaxseed oil. While not particularly tasty, these homeopathic remedies for dogs are high in all the things that dogs (and humans, too) need to promote healthy hearts. Even if your dog does not have heart disease, it can help prevent the issue from arising in the future.


Above holistic health requires essential vitamins, not only for humans, but for dogs too. 

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