Homeopathic Remedy For Dog Constipation

Dogs are as prone to stomach issues as their humans are. They can get stomach bugs, develop chronic gastric problems, IBS, and ulcers. They can also suffer complications after swallowing things they should not. Your dog may be struggling with one or more of these issues. Please find below a number of examples and their homeopathic remedy for dog constipation:


Symptom: Soft or runny stool. Like us, dogs may experience upset or torn up stomachs when they suffer from stomach trouble. This symptom can have many causes. It is therefore important to monitor your dog to watch for any other signs, such as blood in his or her poo, worms, or anything else alarming. Keep in mind, diarrhea itself can also cause dehydration and weight loss, if not taken care of ASAP.

A homeopathic remedy for dog constipation can include: Broth. You can make broth at home by simmering or boiling meat. That way, you can be sure there are no preservatives or additives to further irritate your dog’s intestinal tract.


SymptomEating plants and/or grass. Dogs cannot digest all plant matter, that's why they will eat grass or leaves whenever their stomachs are bothering them. This is their way of make themselves throw up (which they will almost immediately after consuming plants).


A homeopathic remedy for dog constipation can include: Carrots and turnips. While some animals cannot handle plants of any kinds, a dog’s stomach is designed to handle vegetables. However, do this in moderation! Remember, they ARE primarily carnivores, which is why no steak is safe around dogs!. Adding some fresh carrots or turnips to your dog’s diet can put a stop to them trying to eat grass AND ease the reasons why they keep trying to.

Symptom: Chewing their stomach or sides. Dogs often don’t know what to do to ease their own discomfort, except to bite or chew at the spot bothering them as they would when fleas bite them. If your dog spends a lot of time biting his or her stomach, it may be bothering him/her.

A homeopathic remedy for dog constipation can include: Apple cider vinegar. Sure, your dog may not exactly love the stuff, but it can alleviate the symptoms of things such as ulcers, indigestion, and even nausea.

Symptom: Changes in food intake. If a dog begins to eat as if they are ALWAYS starving, or if they slow or stop eating, this is an indication of stomach problems, including ulcers, worms, and food allergies/intolerances.

A homeopathic remedy for dog constipation can include: Catnip. It seems that catnip is not just for cats anymore! While it won’t make your dog as crazy as the herb tends to make cats, it can ease stomach discomforts and problems, making it easier (and more tempting) for your dog to eat.


For a strong immune system, gut health and for constipation problems, natural dog probiotics are ideal. You can learn more in our knowledge hub for dog probiotics.


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